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Mexico City Rattlers
4th place       68-94 (.420)       M# -       Last 10: 5-5       R: 658       RA: 891       Payroll: $39,613,000
Team Leaders AVG
P. Mielke.306
H. Sawyer.304
T. Turner.285
J. Gutierrez.273
J. Blagg.267
Team Leaders HR
P. Mielke24
Z. Erazo14
J. Blagg13
J. Gutierrez11
3 tied with8
Team Leaders RBI
P. Mielke81
J. Gould71
J. Gutierrez71
H. Sawyer67
J. Blagg58
Team Leaders W
L. Stenger11
M. Bosch9
A. Cardillo9
P. Jareño9
D. Ibar7
Team Leaders ERA
L. Stenger4.00
M. Bosch4.26
D. Ibar4.84
Team Leaders K
D. Ibar153
R. Percival102
L. Stenger98
M. Bosch94
M. Tares70
Who's Hot?
PManuel Bosch2-0, 2.38Last 3 games
PAbel Caballero2-0, 1.20Last 17 games
PLeland Stenger2-1, 1.13Last 4 games
PPedro Jareño1-0, 1.59Last 15 games
LFZacarias Erazo.476, 3 HRLast 6 games
Who's Not?
PJoel Quevedo1-4, 8.64Last 42 games
1BLorenzo Diez.138, 0 HRLast 32 games
CMichael Jefcoat.125, 0 HRLast 16 games
3BJames Gould.150, 0 HRLast 5 games
PCesar Baltasar1-0, 9.39Last 15 games
Pitching Staff
StarterLMartín Tares16165705.851.77Rested
StarterRRoy Percival333341406.001.73Rested
StarterLDavor Ibar323271704.841.48Rested
StarterLManuel Bosch383291404.261.48Rested
StarterRLeland Stenger3232111304.001.25Rested
MopupLCesar Baltasar5603416.021.73Rested
MopupRMatthew Barber2421106.141.59Rested
Middle RelieverLPedro Jareño9409023.831.27Rested
Middle RelieverLEdward Deshotel8402203.801.52Rested
Middle RelieverRAbel Caballero3602002.701.47Rested
Setup RelieverRJoel Quevedo9404705.521.55Rested
CloserRAlfredo Cardillo72096314.341.40Rested
48RHarold SawyerC148523159867604577.304.357.409
92RMichael JefcoatC477917285412.215.276.316
34RLorenzo Diez1B10810121198823.208.264.267
47RJames Gould3B162575140871673187.243.305.365
93RJonas Gutierrez2B1626201691171916976.273.354.406
94LStefan Big1B8284222139318.262.287.393
2RPaul Mielke1B16263519424818674124.306.379.485
60RJohn Blagg2B15357315313587932109.267.308.417
78RJohn BurnsCF13022051221241037.232.272.314
81LTracy TurnerCF159663189454694287.285.328.382
61RIsrael CaudilloLF11436475845411282.206.232.324
74LZacarias ErazoLF1484901591564612787.324.361.473
20RAlejandro LazpitaLF12331893043311533.292.324.358
Lineup vs RHP
1LTracy TurnerCF.28545425
2RJohn Blagg3B.267135810
3RPaul Mielke1B.30624814
4RIsrael CaudilloRF.2068451
5RJonas GutierrezSS.273117112
6LZacarias ErazoLF.33114533
7RJames Gould2B.24387118
8RHarold SawyerC.3048671
Lineup vs LHP
1LTracy TurnerCF.28545425
2RJonas GutierrezSS.273117112
3RPaul Mielke1B.30624814
4LZacarias ErazoLF.33114533
5RJohn Blagg3B.267135810
6RHarold SawyerC.3048671
7RAlejandro LazpitaRF.2920437
8RJames Gould2B.24387118
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Positional StrengthPlayer Salaries
Financial ReportMinor League System
Ruston Roosters9369.574-
New Orleans Notes8875.5405.5
Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs7884.48115.0
Mexico City Rattlers6894.42025.0
Team Information
Record overall68-94, .420 PCT
Position in Division4th, 25.0 GB
Record at home36-45, .444 PCT
Record on the road32-49, .395 PCT
Record in X-inning games9-5, .643 PCT
Record in one-run games24-24, .500 PCT
Record versus LHP18-33, .353 PCT
Record versus RHP50-61, .450 PCT
Record last 10 games5-5, .500 PCT
Record in April12-14, .462 PCT
Record in May10-16, .385 PCT
Record in June10-17, .370 PCT
Record in July13-11, .542 PCT
Record in August8-20, .286 PCT
Record in September13-13, .500 PCT
Record in October2-3, .400 PCT
Team Batting Stats & Rankings
Batting Average.265 - 12th in SL
On-Base Percentage.316 - 12th in SL
Slugging Percentage.383 - 12th in SL
On-Base + Slugging.699 - 12th in SL
Runs Scored658 - 12th in SL
Hits1486 - 12th in SL
Extra-Base Hits435 - 11th in SL
Home Runs97 - 11th in SL
Bases-On-Balls383 - 12th in SL
Strikeouts950 - 12th in SL
Stolen Bases88 - 8th in SL
Team Pitching Stats & Rankings
Earned Run Average4.86 - 8th in SL
Starters' ERA4.94 - 8th in SL
Bullpen ERA4.72 - 7th in SL
Runs allowed891 - 8th in SL
Hits allowed1625 - 4th in SL
Opponents AVG.286 - 4th in SL
BABIP.309 - 3rd in SL
Home Runs allowed135 - 6th in SL
Bases-On-Balls568 - 11th in SL
Strikeouts730 - 7th in SL
Minor League System
Cherryville Overlords (AAA)
65-65, .500, 3.0 GB
Gibsland Lycanthropes (AA)
69-51, .575, 1.0 GB
Norfolk Sea Eagles (A)
53-67, .442, 13.0 GB
Birmingham Merlins (R)
31-31, .500, - GB

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