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Lowell Lumberjacks
4th place       64-98 (.395)       M# -       Last 10: 5-5       R: 731       RA: 902       Payroll: $72,863,400
Team Leaders AVG
M. Cantu.311
R. Frost.292
S. Carrion.235
Team Leaders HR
S. Carrion32
M. Cantu22
O. Quijada18
R. Frost12
B. Singleton11
Team Leaders RBI
S. Carrion89
M. Cantu77
R. Frost68
O. Quijada67
B. Singleton65
Team Leaders W
J. Sousa11
W. Stearns9
J. Roberge8
T. Flakes4
2 more tied with4
Team Leaders ERA
W. Stearns4.71
Team Leaders K
W. Stearns80
J. Sousa72
O. Sanchez69
B. Parks67
A. Vhastbawla65
Who's Hot?
PBill Hyer9 SV, 0.00Last 15 games
PFede Ortiz2-0, 0.74Last 18 games
RFMark Cantu.542, 1 HRLast 6 games
Who's Not?
PBilly Parks0-2, 12.91Last 3 games
PSeung-hwan P'i0-4, 27.00Last 5 games
Pitching Staff
StarterLJames Sousa202011604.151.35Rested
StarterRBilly Parks272231205.901.67Rested
StarterRWilliam Stearns373091004.711.49Rested
StarterRJoe Roberge8808334.351.53Rested
StarterRTroy Flakes241441006.241.60Rested
StarterLSeung-hwan P'i15524015.753.05Rested
Spot StarterROctavio Sanchez64134716.081.58Rested
Middle RelieverRJonathan Nunes3502003.271.14Rested
Middle RelieverLLarry Waddle5602112.611.39Rested
Middle RelieverRAmando Vazquez24173804.971.48Rested
Setup RelieverRFede Ortiz3704104.011.57Rested
Setup RelieverROctavio Sanchez64134716.081.58Rested
CloserLBill Hyer47035252.341.38Rested
5RRiley FrostC1485891721268934491.292.352.402
47RRonald MunguiaC8612231217191023.254.316.385
77ROsvaldo Quijada1B16066621228108973466.318.359.500
17RMichael Larson3B1616001841592764962.307.361.435
75SEddie AndersonSS7519745627271325.228.285.355
65RCarlos CumpianoSS4676200711617.263.341.303
62RJuan Carpio2B23311202246.387.457.516
37SMark CantuRF1475271642277754943.311.379.474
85LJohn BrigmanCF9536193327656156.258.372.355
23LBill SingletonRF1424671331165512442.285.321.441
66SSalvador CarrionLF1465201223289774457.235.303.465
84RWilmer HotalingCF861643232417923.195.267.299
73LJamie StephensRF31481001415.208.224.313
Lineup vs RHP
1LJohn BrigmanCF.25832729
2RRiley FrostC.29212680
3SMark CantuLF.31122776
4ROsvaldo Quijada3B.33218678
5SSalvador Carrion1B.23532890
6RMichael Larson2B.31585312
7LBill SingletonRF.28511651
8SEddie AndersonSS.2286278
Lineup vs LHP
1LJohn BrigmanCF.25832729
2RRiley FrostC.29212680
3ROsvaldo Quijada1B.33218678
4RMichael Larson3B.31585312
5SSalvador CarrionLF.23532890
6RWilmer HotalingRF.1953241
7RJuan Carpio2B.387020
8RCarlos CumpianoSS.263071
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San Diego Warewolves10458.642-
Oregon Pioneers7191.43833.0
Colchester Choppers6795.41437.0
Lowell Lumberjacks6498.39540.0
Team Information
Record overall64-98, .395 PCT
Position in Division4th, 40.0 GB
Record at home38-43, .469 PCT
Record on the road26-55, .321 PCT
Record in X-inning games8-5, .615 PCT
Record in one-run games25-29, .463 PCT
Record versus LHP20-30, .400 PCT
Record versus RHP44-68, .393 PCT
Record last 10 games5-5, .500 PCT
Record in April10-16, .385 PCT
Record in May7-19, .269 PCT
Record in June13-14, .481 PCT
Record in July9-15, .375 PCT
Record in August12-16, .429 PCT
Record in September11-15, .423 PCT
Record in October2-3, .400 PCT
Team Batting Stats & Rankings
Batting Average.276 - 11th in SL
On-Base Percentage.335 - 11th in SL
Slugging Percentage.407 - 11th in SL
On-Base + Slugging.743 - 11th in SL
Runs Scored731 - 11th in SL
Hits1546 - 11th in SL
Extra-Base Hits418 - 12th in SL
Home Runs144 - 4th in SL
Bases-On-Balls444 - 8th in SL
Strikeouts728 - 7th in SL
Stolen Bases83 - 10th in SL
Team Pitching Stats & Rankings
Earned Run Average5.05 - 9th in SL
Starters' ERA5.62 - 11th in SL
Bullpen ERA4.28 - 2nd in SL
Runs allowed902 - 9th in SL
Hits allowed1745 - 9th in SL
Opponents AVG.305 - 11th in SL
BABIP.327 - 9th in SL
Home Runs allowed152 - 10th in SL
Bases-On-Balls504 - 7th in SL
Strikeouts698 - 10th in SL
Minor League System
Hialeah Baysharks (AAA)
44-86, .338, 24.0 GB
Chandler Zephyrs (AA)
45-75, .375, 25.0 GB
Stockton Corals (A)
43-77, .358, 33.0 GB
Stevenson Phalanx (R)
28-34, .452, 12.0 GB

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